Questões de Inglês - ENEM 2011

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Questão 91

(Enem 2011) Na fase escolar, é prática comum que os professores passem atividades extraclasse e marquem uma data para que as mesmas sejam entregues para correção. No caso da cena da charge, a professora ouve uma estudante apresentando argumentos para

Questão 92

(Enem 2011)       Going to university seems to reduce the risk of dying from coronary heart disease. An American study that involved 10 000 patients from around the world has found that people who leave school before the age of 16 are five times more likely to suffer a heart attack and die than university graduates. Word Repat News. Magazine Speak Up. Ano XIV, n 170. Editora Cameot, 2001. Em relação às pesquisas, a utilização da expressão university graduates evidencia a intenção de informar que

Questão 93

(Enem 2011) How’s your mood?       For an interesting attempt to measure cause and effect try Mappiness, a project run by the London School of Economics, which offers a phone app that prompts you to record your mood and situation.       The Mappiness website says: ‘Were particularly interested in how peoples happiness is affected by their local environment air pollution, noise, green spaces, and so on — which the data from Mappiness will be absolutely great for investigating.”       Will it work? With enough people, it might. But there are other problems. We’ve been using happiness and well-being interchangeably. Is that ok? The difference comes out in a sentiment like: “We were happier during the war.’ But was ourwell-being also greater then? Disponível em: Acesso n: 27 jun. 2011 (adaptado). O projeto Mappiness, idealizado pela London School of Economics, ocupa-se do tema relacionado

Questão 94

(Enem 2011) War Until the philosophy which holds one race superior And another inferior Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, Everywhere is war Me say war. - That until there is no longer First class and second class citizens of any nation, Until the color of a mans skin Is of no more significance than the color of his eyes Me say war. [...] - And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes that hold our brothers in Angola, in Mozambique. South Africa, sub-human bondage have been toppled, Utterly destroyed WeII, everywhere is war Me say war. - War in the east, war in the west, War up north, war down south War- war - Rumors of war. And until that day, the African continent wiII not know peace. We. Africans, will fight we find it necessary And we know we shall win As we are confident in the victory. MARLEY. B. Disponvel em: Acesso em: 30 jun. 2011 (fragmento). Bob Marley foi um artista popular e atraiu muitos fs com suas canes. Ciente de sua influncia social, na msica War, o cantor se utiliza de sua arte para alertar sobre

Questão 95

(Enem 2011) A tira, definida como um segmento de história em quadrinhos, pode transmitir uma mensagem com efeito de humor. A presença desse efeito no diálogo entre Jon e Garfield acontece porque

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