Questões de Inglês - ENEM 2015

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Questão 91

(Enem 2015) NOTICE OF BAGGAGE INSPECTION To protect you and your fellow passengers, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is required by law to inspect all checked baggage. As part of this process, some bags are opened and physically inspected. Your bag was among those selected for physical inspection. During the inspection, your bag and its contents may have been searched for prohibited items. At the completion of the inspection, the contents were returned to your bag. If the TSA security officer was unable to open your bag for inspection because it was locked, the officer may have been forced to break the locks on your bag. TSA sincerely regrets having to do this, however TSA is not liable for damage to your locks resulting from this necessary security precaution. For packing tips and suggestions on how to secure your baggage during your next trip, please visit: __________________________ Smart Security Saves Time Transportation Security Administration. Disponível em: Acesso em: 13 jan. 2010 (adaptado). As instituições públicas fazem uso de avisos como instrumento de comunicação com o cidadão. Este aviso, voltado a passageiros, tem o objetivo de

Questão 92

(Enem 2015) My brother the star, my mother the earth my father the sun, my sister the moon, to my life give beauty, to my body give strength, to my corn give goodness, to my house give peace, to my spirit give truth, to my elders give wisdom. Disponvel em: Acesso em: 8 ago. 2012. Produes artstico-culturais revelam vises de mundo prprias de um grupo social. Esse poema demonstra a estreita relao entre a tradio oral da cultura indgena norte-americana e a

Questão 93

(Enem 2015) Na tira da série For better or for worse, a comunicação entre as personagens fica comprometida em um determinado momento porque

Questão 94

(Enem 2015) Why am I compelled to write? Because the writing saves me from this complacency I fear. Because I have no choice. Because I must keep the spirit of my revolt and myself alive. Because the world I create in the writing compensates for what the real world doesnot give me. By writing I put order in the world, give it a handle so I can grasp it. ANZALDA, G. E. Speaking in tongues: a letter to third world women writers. In: HERNANDEZ. J. B. (Ed.). Women writing resistance: essays on Latin America and the Caribbean. Boston: South End, 2003. Gloria Evangelina Anzalda, falecida em 2004, foi uma escritora americana de origem mexicana que escreveu sobre questes culturais e raciais. Na citao, o intuito da autora evidenciar as

Questão 95

(Enem 2015) How fake images change our memory and behaviour For decades, researchers have been exploring just how unreliable our own memories are. Not only is memory fickle when we access it, but its also quite easily subverted and rewritten. Combine this susceptibility with modern image-editing software at our fingertips like Photoshop, and its a recipe for disaster. In a world where we can witness news and world events as they unfold, fake images surround us, and our minds accept these pictures as real, and remember them later. These fake memories dont just distort how we see our past, they affect our current and future behaviour too from what we eat, to how we protest and vote. The problem is theres virtually nothing we can do to stop it. Old memories seem to be the easiest to manipulate. In one study, subjects were showed images from their childhood. Along with real images, researchers snuck in manipulated photographs of the subject taking a hot-air balloon ride with his or her family. After seeing those images, 50% of subjects recalled some part of that hot-air balloon ride though the event was entirely made up. EVELETH, R. Disponvel em: Acesso em: 10 jan. 2013 (adaptado). A reportagem apresenta consequncias do uso de novas tecnologias para a mente humana. Nesse contexto, a memria das pessoas e influenciada pelo(a)

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